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De Soto High golf results

Sophomore Alex Crall was De Soto's number one golfer this year. He missed a state tournament berth by four strokes.

Sophomore Alex Crall was De Soto's number one golfer this year. He missed a state tournament berth by four strokes.

April 20, 2010

2010 Results

11th Annual Sunflower Hill High School Invitational

Mason Wedel, 87, 8th, medal

Brett Williams, 91, 10th, medal

Alex Crall, 94

Brandan Philbrook, 99

Kevin Brashears, 108

2010 Gardner Invitational

Brett Williams, 75, 4th, medal

Mason Wedel. 81, 12th, medal

Alex Crall, 83

Brandan Philbrook, 87

Kyle Essary, 88

Kevin Brashears, 94

Team rank: Second place

Mill Valley @ Prairie Highlands

Mason Wedel, 77, 2nd, medal

Kyle Essary, 82, 6th, medal

Brett Williams, 82, 8th, medal

Brandan Philbrook, 86

Alex Crall, 88

Team rank: Second place

Free State Invitational

Alex Crall, 79

Mason Wedel, 80

Kyle Essary, 84

Brett Williams, 85

Brandan Philbrook, 95

Lansing Invitational

Alex Crall, 82, 8th, medal

Brett Williams, 85, 12th, medal

Mason Wedel, 85

Brandan Philbrook, 92

Kevin Brashears, 93

Kyle Essary, 94


kjrubino 7 years, 5 months ago

I got on tonight to check the status of the July 4th fireworks. After seeing they were postponed, I then went to DHS Sports. My 3rd and youngest child, Alex Crall, graduated this year from DHS. He played on the golf team all 4 years of school. When I saw an article dated April 20, 2010, I was quite surprised and extremely disappointed by what I saw. First, I saw a picture of my son Alex. Nice picture, but it said he was a Sophomore, and he did NOT qualify for State. How can you, our primary local news source, be so inaccurate with your stories? As I mentioned, Alex graduated from DHS in May, 2010; and he did indeed qualify for state along with 2 of his teammates. He medalled at the state tournament , tying for 18th place in class 4-A. In 2009, the entire DHS Golf Team qualified for State!
I would also like to add that in just 4 short years, Coach Chad Brecheisen has turned the DHS Golf Program into a very positive and successful program. I would like to suggest that someone take the time to talk with Coach Brecheisen, get the facts, and write a much deserved and over-do article about the DHS Golf Program. Thank you.


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