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Track starts season at Baldwin

April 2, 2010

The De Soto High School’s track season got started Thursday at the Baldwin Invitational.

The boys’ team took home third place with 82 points, behind Pittsburg, 92, and Baldwin 128.

The girls’ team ended the day with a fourth place finish with 58 points. Baldwin’s girls’ team took the top spot with 199 points, followed by Pittsburg 102 and Lansing 63.

Two Wildcats took the top spot for the 3200 meter run. Angel Vasques, freshman, and Lacey Erickson, junior, both got first place. This was a repeat for Erickson who took first and set the meet record last year.

Pole Vault


Eighth: Daniel Goodin, sophomore, 8 feet 6 inches.

Ninth: Alex Heffner, junior, 8 feet 6 inches.


Fourth: Kori Henderson, freshman, 6 feet.

Long Jump


Sixth: Jeff Bowen, junior, 20 feet 01.25 inches.

26th: Josh Lahr, freshman, 17 feet 3.5 inches.

27th: Keynan Hunter, freshman, 16 feet 9.75 inches.


Third: Kori Henderson, freshman, 15 feet 9 inches.

Fifth: Ashley Gorman, junior, 15 feet 6.5 inches.

18th: Elise Miller, freshman, 14 feet 3 inches.

Shot Put


Third: Daniel Davis, senior, 43 feet 10.5 inches.

21st: Derek Mathern, junior, 36 feet 3.5 inches.

24th: Aaron Follmer, junior, 34 feet 6 inches.


23rd: Emma Tinsley, junior, 25 feet 3.5 inches.



22nd: Logan Jerore, junior, 98 feet .5 inch.


14th: Emma Tinsley, junior, 85 feet 7 inches.

Triple Jump


13th: Caleb Adkins, junior, 34 feet 6 inches.

18th: Josh Lahr, freshman, 30 feet.

19th: Keynan Hunter, freshman, 28 feet 4.25 inches.


Seventh: Ashley Gorman, junior, 31 feet 4.25 inches.



Fourth: Joey Johnson, sophomore, 151 feet 8 inches.

High Jump


Seventh: Aaron Nutterfield, junior, 5 feet 6 inches.

12th: Brent Johnson, freshman, 5 feet 4 inches.


Sixth: Bailey Morris, junior, 4 feet 6 inches.

12th: Katie Gorman, junior, 4 feet 6 inches.

2000 Meter Steeplechase

Third: Emilio Sanchez, sophomore, 7:36.81

Ninth: Matt Hanson, senior, 8:19.90

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles

Sixth: Katie Gorman, junior, 18.31

Boys 110 Meter Hurdles

Second: Caleb Adkins, junior, 16.17

Third: Jeff Bowen, junior, 16.20

Sixth: Aaron Nutterfield, junior, 18.01

100 Meter Dash

Seventh: Ryan Hicks, sophomore, 12.23

Girls 4x800 Meter Relay

Fourth: De Soto 11:00.88

1600 Meter Run


Second: Angel Vasques, freshman, 4:45.06

Ninth: Bryan Jessip, sophomore, 4:49.68

10th: Chad Ollendick, sophomore, 5:03.86

22nd: Emilio Sanchez, sophomore, 5:23:74

24th: Adonis Searls, freshman, 5:30.10

25th: Cody Bennett, junior, 5:30.40

33rd: Chris Burgweger, freshman, 5:44.75

35th: Jacob Scott, freshman, 5:47.69

42nd: Lars Erickson, freshman, 6:01.74


18th: Molly Brandenburg, sophomore, 6:18.37

Boys 4x100 Meter Relay

Fourth: De Soto, 45.58

400 meter dash


Sixth: Daniel Goodin, sophomore, 56.28

11th: John Williams, sophomore, 58.81

14th: Noah Cardiff, freshman, 1:02.61


Seventh: Renee Reichard, 1:09.82

10th: Taylor Saucerman, 1:12.17

15th: Mandi Shriver, 1:13.06

Girls 300 meter hurdles

Fourth: Ashley Gorman, junior, 51.14

Seventh: Katie Gorman, junior, 52.98

Ninth: Elise Miller, freshman, 55.20

800 meter run


Sixth: Chad Ollendick, sophomore, 2:16.03

Ninth: Bryan Jessip, sophomore, 2:17.78

25th: Adonis Searls, freshman, 2:36.58


Third: Beth Reichenberger, junior, 2:37.15

15th: Taylor Saucerman, freshman 2:55.72

16th: Mandi Shriver, freshman 3:01.12

Boys 200 meter dash

Seventh: Caleb Adkins, junior, 23.87

3200 Meter Run


First: Angel Vasques, freshman, 10:18.93

Eighth: Diego Sanchez, freshman, 11:01.33

Ninth: Ryan Endres, junior, 11:13.91


First: Lacey Erickson, junior, 12:08.48

12th: Lauren Lamar, sophomore, 14:17.96

13th: Jordan Kline, sophomore, 14:17.99

4x400 meter relay


11th: De Soto, 4:01.91


Fourth: De Soto, 4:36.01


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