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Letter: Salvation Army responds to recession

September 24, 2009

The Salvation Army Christmas season is just around the corner. We are thankful to everyone in the community who last year gave so generously and from the heart. We couldn’t continue to serve those in need without your help!  

In 2008-09 year, thanks to your support, The Salvation Army served 85,878 people in 93 counties in Kansas, providing emergency crisis assistance including help with utilities, rent, prescriptions, food and clothing. Our dedicated volunteers logged an amazing 58,534 hours of service.

Many of our neighbors and friends have fallen on hard times and are having trouble making ends meet. Some just need a helping hand to get them back on their feet while others are facing more desperate circumstances. If there was ever a time to come together to lift one another up, it is now.

Once again this holiday season, we are asking for your help to ensure the disadvantaged of our community receive the assistance they need throughout the coming year. One way to make a difference is to volunteer. As always, we are in need of bellringers and other volunteers to help in your community. Please remember that all the hard work that is done in your community goes to help people in your area, 88 percent of the funds raised work right in your community. If you’d like to be a part of this wonderful holiday tradition, and change lives in the process, please give us a call.

Only with your help can we provide the emergency assistance that is needed to help your neighbors throughout the year.  

Brian Carroll

Service Extension Director

The Salvation Army, Kansas and Western Missouri


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