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Tennis has strong showing at Olathe Northwest, Marysville

September 16, 2009

William Farmer’s De Soto girls tennis team played twice last week, first on Thursday at Olathe Northwest and then again Saturday at Marysville.

The squad lost to 6A Olathe Northwest, 9-3, but Farmer said he wasn’t overly disappointed because of the talent across the net.

“We just played a very good level of competition,” he said. “And that will help us down the road.”

Paige Williams and Gabby Becerra, the team’s No. 1 and 2, respectively, finished second, and both doubles teams finished fifth overall.

The squad continued its good form Saturday in the Marysville tournament. The No. 1 and 2 players in singles combined for a 5-3 record while Farmer's doubles teams went 1-2.

“There’s been a lot of good surprises,” Farmer said. “Our singles is definitely coming along as well as I was hoping. But we still have a lot of work with doubles.”

Farmer added that another contributing factor to the squad’s scoring is Suzie Gulley’s illness, which she has been battling for the entire season. In fact, Gulley was moved from singles to No. 1 doubles due to a lack of energy.

Farmer said she and the rest of the team are continuing to work hard, however, and that he expects the team to continue improving.

“With a lot of players, I’m very happy with their work ethics,” he said. “For Paige Williams to come in as a freshman and do what she’s done, that’s been very impressive. We have to polish our all-around game, but we’re still moving toward where we want to be.”

De Soto’s tennis tournament Wednesday at Baldwin was played after the paper’s deadline. For more on that story go to or read next week’s paper.


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