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Preliminary enrollment shows slight increase for USD 232

September 10, 2009

Preliminary enrollment numbers for De Soto’s USD 232 show the district grew by 108 students.

The preliminary numbers, tabulated on Aug. 28, show the district has 6,534 students enrolled.

The district’s official enrollment count will be taken on Sept. 21, said Jack Deyoe, director of operations and planning.

“We are seeing growth still, but at a much smaller rate (2.3% FTE) than the District has seen in more than a decade.   The key element of this year’s reduced growth is a much smaller kindergarten class than last year’s (496 compared to 579).  If these same numbers stay accurate for Sept. 21, this will be the first kindergarten class to enter the District under 500 students since 2004,” Deyoe said in an email.

Based on preliminary numbers the enrollment at Starside Elementary dropped by five students from 464 last year to 455 as of Aug. 28.

The kindergarten class is also smaller than that of the 2008-2009 school year with 74 students compared to this year’s 70 students.

Lexington Trails Middle School also looks to be losing students per preliminary numbers. The school’s enrollment stands at 344 students, down 26 from 2008-2009’s enrollment of 370.

De Soto High School, however, increased enrollment by five students with 616 students enrolled by Aug. 28.

The graduating class of 2009 had 135 students, the new freshman class for the 2009-2010 school year has 158 students.

Dave Morford, principal at DHS said he has noticed the extra students.

“We are two teachers less than last year,” he said. “And so we have noticed it in some of our classes. We’ve got some science classes especially full, both anatomy classes are over full capacity, and a couple of biology classes are pretty high. It’s the same with foreign language. Same with communication arts English the numbers are reaching max in classrooms. We’ve got crowding in certain hallways. And those things which we are noticing will continue as long as the structure of the building stays the same.”

Morford said the preliminary numbers are likely to change after the official count on Sept. 21.

“We’ve had some years where we have gone down or up on the count,” he said.

Deyoe said the district would see an overall increase in the official enrollment count, but not like years past.

“While we know the overall reduced growth this year is a product of the recession, it will take a year or two to determine if the reduced kindergarten numbers are a ‘blip’ in the statistical chart or if it is a recession-driven beginning to a series of smaller classes than we’ve seen recently,” he said.


Sky 8 years, 3 months ago

I hope that they disrrict is better staffed then in the past and can handle this. CLC needs to be torn down, all the staff fired and get some staff that want to teach and not just enjoy a summer break and all the good holidays.


jejns1 8 years, 3 months ago

Sky, you obviously have a large beef with Countryside Learning Center and the De Soto school district. You should direct all this pent up frustration in a positive direction and stop constantly carping.

"Children need models rather than critics." -- Joseph Joubert


Sky 8 years, 3 months ago

Children need quality teachers, not lazy wannabes. Those that do, do. THose that can't teach! I go out and warn people of this district and the staff that works for them. If I was at the beach and saw a shark, I would not keep my mouth shut!


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