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USD 232 falls short of achieving AYP

De Soto USD 232 offices

De Soto USD 232 offices

September 9, 2009

While the De Soto School District's Adequate Yearly Progress improved in math, reading and science from last year's scores, the district fell short of meeting all AYP requirements.

AYP is the process of evaluating student performance in public schools, districts and states to ensure all students score at standard level or above by 2014 – a requirement of the No Child Left Behind Act.

The district achieved AYP in math and science, but did not meet AYP standards for reading.

In 2009, 91.9 percent of students in USD 232 met or exceeded the AYP reading goal, however, the district's 35 students in the English Language Learners program did not reach the state goal. The state target required 76.7 percent of ELL students to be proficient and only 64.9 percent of those students met the goal.

In 2008, 91.5 percent of students in the district achieved reading goals.

In the math portion of the report, 88.9 percent of students in the district met or exceeded requirements. In 2008, 87.9 percent of students reached the goal.

Science saw the greatest leap for meeting requirements with 95.1 percent of students achieving goal in 2009, while 92.5 percent achieved goal in 2008.

Students in USD 232 our scored the average state achievement in all three categories for 2009. The state average for reading was 85.8 percent, 83.5 percent for math and 86.6 percent for science.

The only school in the district to not make AYP for 2009 was Starside Elementary.

According to a district report, the school did not make AYP in reading because of three student subgroups: free & reduced, ELL and Hispanic students.

"Many of the students not meeting the target are part of all three subgroups," a district report online said.


Sky 5 years, 10 months ago

It is a curse to have children with special needs in this district. The staff is not talented enough or taught how to deal with kids that do not fall within normal limits. The staff does not know how to teach, just test. My child would be made to bring home a book---if they were allowed too. But many of their books are not to leave the class room, which make doing homework difficult. There are a few really good teachers, but they are few. Teaching is an art and takes good upper staff to help new teachers to grasp this. Poor top level staff makes poor all over staff!!! My neighbors--5 differnet familes have all decided on paying for private school. As said, one person works for the district---that is the one who talked to the others about why they should send their kids to private school.


jejns1 5 years, 10 months ago

Sky, you are complaining about the district not making AYP. Have you actually read and understood the entire article? The district did make AYP in all schools except one. Starside has exceptional circumstances to deal with. Perhaps your complaint is better focused at “No Child Left Behind”. This program forces schools to emphasize testing, in order to receive education funding. Once again, you are making poorly spelled personal attacks. The people you have named in your comments have no control over how the program is managed. Why is it the teacher’s responsibility to make sure your son/daughter brings home his/her textbook? This is your child’s responsibility. If you are having difficulty assisting your child with his/her homework, I am positive the teacher will be able to guide you in how to do this. I am very pleased with how USD232 is educating my children. By the way, what for what discipline did you get your B.A.?


jejns1 5 years, 10 months ago

Sky, I have a child with a learning disability. It is not being addressed as much as I feel it should be, but this is because of Kansas Department of Education policies, not USD232. They are doing a good job within the parameters they have to operate. My husband and I do what is necessary to make sure our child's education needs are met. Parents cannot expect the schools to do everything required to educate your children, you have to take some responsibility also. This is even truer with all the cuts to education funding the state of Kansas is making. As far as the private schools around here, it seems to me this is being done more for religious segregation reasons and public school backlash, than for a higher quality of education. Your neighbor that works for the district should be trying to help improve any issues they have with USD232. In my opinion, the fact they are sending their kids to a private school reflects more on your neighbor than is does the De Soto school district. As I have commented to you in the past, you and your neighbors can continue complaining, or do the right thing and get involved with the school and district to help improve the schools and district for all the children


Sky 5 years, 9 months ago

There is a point where the school staff does not listen, no matter how nice and how hard one tries!!! As far as my neighbors, they had listen to what the neighbor who works for the district said. It is my understanding that CLC is better with SS and AA gone. It has also been stated by those who worked with Zoellner that life is better with her gone. I know there is still staff at CLC---teachers---that have hurt this family I know and spread lies aobut them. So, I have no positive things to say about people like that. Not people who want to destrory others. Maybe they lied to make Zoellner, Anderson and Sipe happy---I do not know what made them act like they did!!! I hope karma bites the back for what I know they did!!


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