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Halloween party to stir interest for girl scouts

October 22, 2009

Starside Elementary is hosting a Girl Scout Halloween party Oct. 28 for kindergarten and first-grade girls looking to join a troop.

Nikki Leisten, first-grade troop leaders, said the party came about as a way to interest young girls in joining the group.

Last year, the troop began with four girls, after moving to first grade the troop lost one girl, Leisten said.

“We are being told we will have to have five girls to have a troop or we’ll have to meet with another school,” she said.

Currently, there is not a kindergarten troop, however the community does have troops for second-, third-, fourth- and fifth-grade classes.

“The kindergarten doesn’t have any girls yet,” Leisten said. “There hasn’t been much interest. We’re hoping the party brings some girls out.”

Last year, the troop met once a month, but if enough girls are interested Leisten anticipated it would have one or maybe two meetings a month.

“We’re just trying to teach the girls good positive things,” Leisten said of the meetings. “They have pedals they work towards. We do activities, lessons and crafts that have to do with each pedal.”

While Halloween costumes aren’t required for the party, Halloween-themed activities will be available for the girls.

“We are going to have a couple craft activities for the girls that come, so that we can meet with parents at that time,” Leisten said. “They are going to decorate mini-pumpkins. It will be an informational type thing for parents and a chance for the girls to do an activity.”

The Halloween party begins at 5:30 at Starside.

For questions please call Nikki Leisten at 583-1782.


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