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District Court awards domestic violence grants

October 22, 2009

The Johnson County agencies providing services and programs on domestic violence have received grant awards totaling more than $18,000 for th 10th Judicial District Court.

The grant funding stems from a special fee assessed in domestic violence cases. The Kansas Legislature authorized the fee in 2001 with a statute that allows judges the option to fine offenders $100 as a requirement of probation.

Agencies working with the Johnson County court system on domestic violence can apply for the grants annually.

Chief Judge Stephen Tatum with a committee of judges working on domestic violence cases awarded the grants to:

• SAFEHOMES, $8,000, to help pay for the manager of the agency’s volunteer victim advocates assigned to the Johnson County Courthouse.

• 10th District Court Services, $6,000, to provide Child in Need of Care medication for families affected by domestic violence.

• Community Violence Action Program, $4,200, to assist in agency-sponsored training events.

Funding from the Domestic Violence Special Program also covers the cost of a part-time domestic violence bond supervision officer and offsets the salary of an administrative assistant to the Domestic Violence Magistrate Court.


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