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Letter: Keep bike ban on 83rd Street

October 1, 2009

83rd Street from Cedar Creek to almost Kill Creek is not suitable for bicycle travel. Even in a car you have to deal with those going that speed and the truck traffic. The hills interfere with sight distances, especially when cresting a hill to find something in the road going 5mph.

I have had to lock up my brakes to avoid cycles and have also seen others doing so as well. As far as there not being any accidents reported, we are lucky. It might be because the ban has worked to reduce the risk.

If the ban is removed then the cycle races / marathons will be free to use the road and every weekend will be difficult for those of us that live out here and use the road.

The only way this road will be safe is if it is rebuilt similar to what 95th is between Kill Creek and Corliss. Don't let the death of a cyclist and the grief of the driver be the trigger point to either go back to the ban or improve the safety of the road.

I ask the De Soto City Council to please not remove the ban on non motorised vehicles.

Dale Baldwin

De Soto


rpdalton 5 years, 4 months ago

Bicycling anywhere along 83rd street is a tremendously bad idea. The lanes were not designed to accomidate bike traffic and there is no shoulder. There used to be signs prohibiting it but they are gone. I question the good judgement of anyone who bicycles that road.


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