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FIve Questions: October Cooking

October 1, 2009

Q: The De Soto Chamber of Commerce Blues and Barbecue is Oct. 9. How many teams will be in the Cookin’ on the Kaw barbecue contest this year?

A: We’ll have 49 teams. We have two spots yet to fill. We’ll be filled up by the end of the week.

That’s all we want. The Kansas City Barbecue Society charges extra fees for contests with 50 or more teams. And what we hear is the teams like our small contest. We content and happy at 49.

Q: How much are tickets for the Blues and Barbecue?

A: Tickets are $10 in advance and $10 with a $5 parking fee at the gate.

Q: What’s the draws?

A: For $5, you can participate in the people’s choice barbecue wings contest from 6 to 8 p.m. or whenever the wings run out. We will only sell 200 tickets, so I encourage people to buy those tickets in advance.

We’re also having four blues bands, including the headliner Bluzville.

We’ll have food vendors and some commercial vendors.

One of the bands will return before the winners are announced Saturday and we’ll have food vendors there too. So people can come out enjoy that in the early afternoon Saturday.

Q: On another topic, consultant Irv Jensen is to present his report the August discussion to update the ?

A: There’s no surprises. I think it validates what we have in place.

Q: Also on the Chamber’s plate this month is the citywide garage sale. ?

A: We have four applications to be on the map, but people always wait until the last week.

This will be our last go-around with the garage sale. The fall garage sale is between our two biggest fundraisers and the spring sale is near the Country Concert. My board thought we should focus on our priorities.

I hope some other organization will take it on and give it the time and energy to make it grow.


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