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Five Questions: Fun in the Sun

Pam Titus

Pam Titus

May 27, 2009

Q: How busy was the pool’s opening weekend?

A: We’ve been kind of slow today (Monday, Memorial Day) because of the cooler weather and clouds. The first two days were real good.

Q: What’s the pool’s capacity and do you ever reach it?

A: It’s 750. The only time we were at capacity was opening day. If we got close, I don’t know if we would ever know it.

Q: This is the new pool’s fourth year. Do you sense there’s still a lot of excitement about it?

A: Yes, I think so. I’m a bus driver, and the kids are all asking me before the end of school when is the pool opening. They are really excited.

Q: How many lifeguards do you have on duty?

A: We have 16 lifeguards working on a normal day. It’s a very, very safe environment.

Q: Is there anything new this year?

A: The concessions have changed. We changed to Coke, and we used to be Pepsi. We’ve added soft pretzels and different soft ice creams.


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