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Class Leader

May 20, 2009

Q: What’s next for Jenna Hodges?

A: I’m going to K.U. to study pre-pharmacy. I’m really interested in medicine.

Q: Did the last four years at De Soto High School prepare you for the future?

A: Yes. I took advanced placement classes and a lot of leadershp positions.

Q: You were one of the students recognized for attending De Soto USD 232 since you entered kindergarten. Was there anything special about having that experience?

A: It’s special having all the memories of those you grew up with here.

Q: Your class is starting a new tradition. What was that and what was the class gift?

A: We’re donating a nature pond southwest of the school.

We have a mural of all our handprints. Every year, seniors will add their handprints to the mural.

Q: What was special about the De Soto High School Class of 2009?

A: What was special is we worked really hard. We were really dedicated to what we were doing.


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