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Five Questions: In the interim

May 14, 2009

Q: How did you first find out about the interim superintendent position? 

A: I was contacted by the board following the resignation of Dr. Zoellner regarding any interest I might have in an interim position with the district. This is how I found out about the position. I did not seek the position but did respond positively to the inquiry.

Q: What was your decision-making process when considering the position? 

A: My decision-making process included consideration of my prior knowledge of the school district, my belief the district is an excellent school district with great staff and community support, my prior experience as a superintendent providing me confidence I could be of benefit to the district, the positive and supportive approach taken by the board in visiting with me, the support of my family realizing the commitment necessary to be successful, and my desire to return to work in a quality educational system for a limited period of time.

Q: What is your top goal for the district as interim superintendent?

A: If I focus on one goal alone, it will be to assist the district in developing and implementing plans of improvement to achieve excellence in all phases necessary for a quality public school system.

Q: How will you assist the Board of Education in a search for a permanent superintendent? 

A: The best assistance I can provide to the board in a search for a permanent superintendent will be assist in making the district a highly desired place to work and live, where all of those contributing to the education of children value life long learning and appreciate quality education as their top priority.

Q: In the past, there have been concerns as to the board’s unity on issues. How do you plan to work with them?

A: I plan to present the board information, guidance and advice on all issues while respecting individual differences, realizing that not all need to be in unity on any one issue. I hope to work with each board member in a manner that respects differences in opinion and that continues to support the overall interest of the district.


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