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Spring day in Miller Park underscores its value

March 19, 2009

Monday afternoon as spring break fulfilled the promise of its name, Miller Park became the focus of the community’s renewed discovery of the outdoors. Children were crawling over all the playground equipment, people were hanging out in the shelter, small girls were digging holes in the sand volleyball pits, a young woman was perfecting her serve on the newly resurfaced tennis courts, a father was passing softball tips to his daughter, soccer and basketball games were being contested on the pitch and court and couples were taking relaxing strolls on the park’s sidewalks. Literally, every feature of the park was being used.

The scene underscored just how important parks are to the community and how fortunate De Soto is to have the green gem that is Miller Park. It’s indisputable De Soto has many infrastructure needs and when compared to such things as streets, sidewalks and water system infrastructure, parks might not seem as pressing.

But the activity Monday argued against that, not only because of the sheer number of residents who were using Miller Park, but the venue it offered to bring together the city’s different elements to share the enjoyment of an enchanting early spring day. It was a chance for all to see each other in a very human, universal way.

The scene also made obvious what a selling point parks are to grow the community. Investment in them is very practical because unlike other basics community needs there can be no discussion of bring greenspace to the city from Olathe.


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