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Starside’s green year building lifelong habits

March 12, 2009

It was learned earlier this month that Starside Elementary School was named a 2009 Kansas Green School of the Year by the Kansas Association of Conservation and Environmental Education for its yearlong environmental education and participation programs.

The program puts emphasis on classroom and individual commitment. Classrooms that fill their classroom recycling bins are recognized and students are asked to contribute the growth of Bob the Ball — a now three-foot wide wad of recycled aluminum — and help with a weekly recycling and cleanup effort under the collective name Earth Keepers.

Discarded trash can still be seen along the roads and streets of De Soto and elsewhere. But as disappointing as it is that some people are still too indifferent or lazy to dispose of trash appropriately, it must be recognized there is much less littering than there were a few decades ago and that what may have once been done with causal indifference in now unthinkable to most.

The Starside program through Bob the Ball, Top Dog and Mother Earth is establishing habits of recycling and thinking green that is likely to stay with the students long after they leave the school. The habits will make them better citizens as the take daily small efforts to reduce the trash in landfills and recycle valuable resources.

The initiative is another example of the creative thinking that is occurring in De Soto classrooms and schools.


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