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June 25, 2009

The De Soto United Methodist Church is having its annual picnic from 4 to 8 p.m. Sunday at shelter No. 3 at Kill Creek Park. The meal will be at 6 p.m. and those attending are asked to bring table service, side dishes, yard games, guitars, blankets and other items to make for an enjoyable time. The Fellowship Committee will provide hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, tea and lime and lemonade.

• The De Soto United Methodist Church Youth Group with take its mission trip the week of July 12 through 19 in Oklahoma.

• The De Soto United Methodist Church will have vacation Bible school July 20 through 24. For more information, call the church at 583-1359. It is open to all children in the community 4 to 12 years old. Organizers would welcome additional volunteers.

• The De Soto United Methodist Church Relay for Life team had a drawing at the end of the relay June 13 for a Wii game console and a family pass to the De Soto Aquatic Center. Congratulations goes to Mary Plummer for winning the Wii and Tammy Mikinski for winning the pool pass.

• The De Soto Baptist Church was fortunate to have Elizabeth Lundquist play her flute at service Sunday. She was accompanied by Lana McPherson and Mary Etta Copeland on piano and organ.

• The De Soto Baptist Church had fathers stand for recognition for Father’s Day. The youngest father was Rose McAnnich’s grandson and the father of a 2 month old baby. Richard Epperson was the oldest father. Also recognized was the father with the most children present and the father of the most children.

• The De Soto Baptist Church had a reception following worship and communion for the fathers with cookies and punch, which was served on the front lawn. My great grandson Hayden missed the service because he had a game at 8 a.m. I don’t think they should schedule games on Sunday mornings.

• Among those celebrating birthdays this week are Elfree Payton, Wayne Loglise, Connie Tankersley, Jo St. Peter, Ron Hooper, Lisa Schmucker, Adam Wilcox, Charlotte Whim, Linda Lane, Sandra Martinez, Joe Kessler, Nicole Yarbrough and my granddaughter Karla Ruth of Illinois.

• Those observing anniversaries this week include Bill and Mary Plummer, Nick and Diane Taylor, John and Sharon Zoellner, Doug and Audrey Tiedeman, Bruce and Nicole Yarbough and Jim and Katharine Ingalls.

• The De Soto Multi-Service Center’s needs this week is for canned tuna. Next week’s need will be white rice. They also have a need for pasta, macaroni and cheese and canned fruit. Paper goods and baby items are always welcome.

Jo St. Peter would still welcome towels, bedding, small vessels and clothing for summer wear like shorts, short-sleeved shirts, and shoes for the Multi-Service Center clothes closet. Those bringing clothes are asked not to leave clothes outside at the center’s door after hours or during weekends.

• Pastor Joshua Turk of the Clearview City Baptist Church stopped by the house Saturday to pass out pamphlets. He was surprised to learn I was a charter member of the De Soto Baptist Church. I gave him the history of our church, how successful it is today and how much we think of our paster, The Rev. Richard Copeland. Pastor Turk’s background was interesting, and I wished him much success at the Clearview church.

• Those on the sick list we need to remember in our prayers include Juanita martinez, Reta Jenks, Vergil Dean — who was unable to attend worship Sunday — the Kirk Johnson family, Jesse Boyd’s sister and Gary Martin.

The congregation of the De Soto Baptist Church was thankful for the presence of Joe Woywod, who thanked the congregation for its prayers. Pat Weesee can have visitors at the Eudora nursing center.

After seeing the foot doctor, I’m going to have to wear a padded heel support as my left side gives me pain when I touch the mattress.

Sympathy goes to the family of Helen Fitzhugh on her death.

• I wasn’t aware the sales tax increased April 1 for the Research Triangle Tax voters in Johnson County approved last year. In De Soto, the sales tax increased from 8.15 percent to 8.275 percent.

• I had a call from former De Soto resident Patty Neeland, who now lives in Pittsburg. She forgot the De Soto High School alumni banquet even through she takes the Explorer.

• I’ve had phone problems again if you called and could get hold of me. After I installed new batteries and it still didn’t work, Jerry bought me a new phone. Now I have to learn the new push buttons. I hated to give up the old one.

• I had a letter from my late husband Luther’s sister in California. It had a different address on it because, my son Jerry learned, she is living at a rehabilitation center following a fall.

• Jerry and his wife, Linda, lest Sunday for an eight-day cruise off the Florida coast. Going with them where the family of his daughter Shelly for Manhattan and Linda’s children from Missouri and Ohio.

• My son Carlin called Sunday from Illinois. He had three grandchildren talk to me. They and my great grandchildren had played games and swam in Karla’s pool.


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