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Angel Food offers alternative to grocery store

June 25, 2009

Victory Place Church, De Soto Multi-Service Center and First Community Bank teamed together with Angel Food Ministries to offer De Soto residents an alternative to making a trip to the grocery store.

Angel Food Ministries, which began in 1994 providing food for 34 local families in Monroe, Ga., provides boxes of food to more than 500,000 families in 34 states.

Jeff Miller, pastor at Victory Place Church, first heard of the program though a friend at Faith Chapel in Overland Park.

“His church was involved and he wanted to see if we wanted to get involved, also,” he said.

The service has been available in De Soto for two years, Miller said.

“Some months we’ll have 20 people ordering,” he said. “Other’s we’ll have five. It really depends on people with money. We don’t take checks so it’s a matter of having cash on hand.”

Angel Food Ministries strive to give a ‘hand up’ to people in difficult times.

Summer is a difficult time of the year for some people, Miller said.

“Summer time is tough for people because the kids are home,” he said.

The program accepts cash, money orders and food stamps. The program estimates feeding approximately 100,000 people nationally with Food Stamp vouchers.

Order forms for the once a month program can be picked up at First Community Bank and the Multi-Service Center. Orders are due two weeks before the pick-up date. A schedule can be found at either the bank or service center. Orders can be dropped of at the Multi-Service Center of by contacting Jeff Miller.

Boxes range from $30 to $21 depending on that month’s specials.

The program offers three main boxes. The signature box comes backed with a variety of meats, pasta, milk, eggs, vegetable and fruit. The senior and convenience box is stocked with ten fully-cooked meals such as New Orleans Style Chicken over savory rice with okra and tomatoes and diced sweet potatoes. An allergen-free box contains foods processed to eliminate the top eight allergens such as peanuts, gluten, fish and milk products.

When a main box is purchased the buyer has the option of adding specialty boxes at an additional cost.

The specialty boxes vary from month to month, but offer a variety of fruits, vegetables and additional meats.

There is no limit to the number of boxes that can be purchased, Miller said.

“One year a lady purchased ten boxed to give to neighbors for Christmas,” he said.

Angel Foods is able to offer low prices on the boxes by purchasing from first rate suppliers at volume discounts.

Typically, one box of Angel Food can feed a family of four for about one week, or a single senior citizen for about a month.

There are no qualifications or applications to use the Angel Food program, Miller said.

“There’s a good mix of people using the service,” Miller said. “I was a change after the grocery store closed in the way people were ordering.”

Miller’s son enjoys the allergen-free box because he cannot eat wheat or rye products.

“I’ll continue purchasing boxes if I’m the only one getting it,” Miller said.

Miller travels to Olathe each pick-up day to load his van, car or truck, depending on that months order.

Pick-ups take place between 10 a.m. and noon at First Community Bank.

The next order is due July 11, with a distribution date of July 25.


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