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Letter: Signage ordinance restrictive

June 18, 2009

Charlie the Tuna represented Star Kist Tuna in television commercial beginning in 1961. He was always trying to learn good taste. But the answer was always the same: “Sorry, Charlie. Star Kist wants tuna that tastes good, not tuna with good taste.”

Residents of De Soto have a similar opinion of many ordinances created by the De Soto City Council and Planning Commission; those regulations that limit our activities to meet their concept of what is in good taste rather than concentrating efforts on ordinances that deal with health and safety, which is their true charge.

Most if not all of our elected governing body have expressed a desire to attract more retail businesses and customers to De Soto but have allowed the creation of restrictive, business-unfriendly ordinances to deter rather than attract.

The recently enacted sign ordinances, especially those pertaining to temporary banner signs, represent what we are asked to deal with. The banners that attempt to draw people in to attend the Tracy Byrd Country Concert this Saturday at Riverfest Park was limited to what I consider to be little more than a post-it note to meet size requirements.

Signs are of universal importance to our daily lives, try to imagine the limitations and confusion if they did not inform us of direction, services, events, product that we desire or desperately need.

If you have an opinion similar to mine or of the opposite view, then express that opinion in this newspaper, contact city council members or attend a council meeting to express your concerns on this or any matters to the full council.

Help make De Soto a business friendly place that people will desire to be a part of.

Darrel Zimmerman

De Soto


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