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City Council’s approval of new code book bans more pit bulls

July 23, 2009

The De Soto City Council approved a codification and updating of city codes, which changed little except to make it illegal to have a new pit bull in De Soto as of April 1, 2009.

City Attorney Patrick Reavy explained to the council pit bulls owned by residents of the city owned before April 1 were exempt from the ban. Those dogs were covered by a previous statute requiring them to be inside, penned or on a leash at all times, he explained.

The codification of city statute changed no other city statute but reorganizes city statutes within an official ordinance book.

The council also approved a request from Kameron Klein to keep his Radius Broadband equipment on the Waverly water tower. The city entered into an agreement last year with Selected Site Consultants to build a monopole near the water tower for antennas now on the water tower. The move was meant to allow the city to keep earning nearly $50,000 it gets from leasing space on the water tower, which is to be razed with future water system improvements.

Klein explained the placement of the monopole in relation to the water tower would create a shadow in his coverage area.

City Administrator Pat Guilfoyle flushed out the 2010 budget with recommended vehicle and equipment request from department heads.

After trimming an initial request for $500,000 in vehicle and equipment request, he and department heads settled on a request for two new pickups from the water department totaling $42,000 and a pickup and 1-ton truck request from the street department that totaled $51,000.

Guilfoyle also recommended the water department purchasing a water excavation vacuum for $50,000. It would allow the city to repair water breaks faster and more precisely, which would save money, he said. The city currently rents excavation equipment when it has to repair a water break.

Guilfoyle suggested the city borrow the money for the purchases from the electrical utility fund to spare greater consequences to the city mill levy. The interest the fund earns for the city is very low in the recession, he said.

In response to a question from Councilwoman Betty Cannon, Guilfoyle said he didn’t know how much the city spent to rent excavation equipment. It was agreed the request would be included in the published budget to be reconsidered when the budget is up for approval Aug. 20.


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