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Mission in Nicaragua to focus on freedom

Cheyenne Stucky takes a leap during the De Soto Youth Ministries program Thursday night. The group is traveling to Nicaragua for a mission trip

Cheyenne Stucky takes a leap during the De Soto Youth Ministries program Thursday night. The group is traveling to Nicaragua for a mission trip

July 22, 2009

Ten De Soto youths embarked Monday on a journey to Nicaragua.

The De Soto Youth Ministries most recent mission trip is the 32nd for the program, which has traveled to Brazil, Arizona, Wyoming, the area devastated by Hurricane Katrina and El Paso, Texas, among other areas.

The Extreme Team will present an original drama “Freedom,” while offering testimonials at schools, churches and meetings in Nicaragua.

Donna Wilting, a leader with youth ministry, said the group took mission trips to areas where contact has been made.

“We don’t just sit down and put our finger on the map. It’s really who you meet and make contact with,” she said.

The trip to Nicaragua was planned after Chad Chamber, youth center director, traveled to the country three time.

“Last year we did five missions, only two were planned. The others just happened because there was a need,” Wilting said. “This year we were headed to El Paso near Juarez and made a decision not to go because of safety.”

The group made other arrangements to work at a Kansas City home for unwed mothers and rake the leaves of widows, she said.

Addison Sauvon, praise and worship leader, is taking his third mission trip with the group. He said he wanted to do the group’s traditional performances.

“We want to bring glory to the Lord’s name with our message.”

The performance includes two testimonials in each program, three worship songs and a message to be delivered by Chamber.

Addison said the group had been planning the eight-day trip since April.

He said the hope was to reach the community to relay the passion the group members have.

Rachel Oehmler plays a demon in the groups “Freedom” drama.

Rachel, who will be taking part in her eighth mission, said the performance was a way to teach those in Nicaragua about the freedom received from Christ.

Bill Wilting, DYM leader, said the program’s Freedom Tour was all about freedom and expressing that freedom is about Christ.

“Freedom is about one person,” he said.

The group had a presentation Thursday evening at the Crossing Youth Center. While the performances were the same as those to be shown in Nicaragua, they were preformed in English, Donna said.

In Nicaragua, interpreters will relay the message in Spanish.

Addison said he’d like to build relationships in Nicaragua like the group did last year.

“Last year, we were building relationships with teens in Brazil,” he said. “I’m most looking forward to making those communications. We’ve kept in contact with them.”

Next spring, De Soto Youth Ministries plans a mission to Haiti.


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