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Letter: Downtown upgrades useless without grocery store

July 9, 2009

Until De Soto has a grocery store it won't do any good to try to attract other new businesses. As long as De Soto residents have to drive several miles to do grocery shopping or to work, they will shop and buy in the areas where they do grocery shopping.

Instead of spending this money on trying to beautify the downtown, wait until a grocery store is willing to come to town and then work on the outward appearances.

The best thing that could be done right now is to repair cracked and broken sidewalks. The other is just fluff.

Arlice Gallagher

De Soto


betsylena 8 years, 2 months ago

Attracting tourists, like for a country show in River Fest Park, is a waste of money for the already over taxed residents of De Soto. If there are not essentials, like a grocery store in the town, it's ridiculous to have events that are for towns that are already thriving. This town will never thrive until there are business, and jobs created, for the town to thrive. Until then, it's stagnant and a place where people who once thought there was so much potential for growth, are leaving in droves. In other words, it's a dying community.


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