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Letter: Take action against negligent pet owners

February 26, 2009

Spring, summer, and fall are beautiful times in De Soto. I enjoy leaving my windows open when the temp is nice and mild. However, the number of dogs that are permanently outside in this town is terrible.

There are two dogs behind my house, one to the left and one to the right, that never go indoors (what’s the point of owning them), are occasionally checked up on by their owners, and bark constantly. I can't have my windows open without hearing the constant barrage of barking dogs (sometimes at 5 a.m.).

De Soto’s city code reads: “It is unlawful for anyone to allow dogs to howl or bark to be a disturbance of the peace.”

There are many other codes about pet ownership at that are not being abided by. Last year I sent a complaint form to the city and basically nothing happened because it was just me. I suggest everyone who is sick of these uncared for animals causing a disturbance to go to and download a complaint form.

Hopefully with enough people we can force the city to make people be responsible pet owners.

Jayson E Massey

De Soto


jj1230 8 years, 9 months ago

I agree whole-heartedly! I lost count of how many times we called City Hall about a couple of neighbors' dogs running free or constant barking. This after nicely asking the neighbors first to please take care of the problem. No action taken by the city - ever. The one neighbor has more dogs than our city ordinance allows and lets them travel at will and do their business in everyones' yards. The other neighbor actually found a new home for their pooch after the rest of the block dealt with months of listening to the poor dog barking incessantly - from lack of attention. The poor thing was a hunting breed and just doing what it was born to do - tree something and bark until its master came to get it. They have another dog now. Another lonely dog. When will some people get it that pets require, and deserve, responsible care and real attention? When will these pet owners respect the property and peace of their neighbors? When will the city stand behind the ordinances they dictate? I'm not holding my breath for answers.


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