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Letter: Pickert has qualities needed on city council

February 26, 2009

De Soto City Council Primary will reduce a field of 11candidates to six when the votes are counted Tuesday.

Of those 11 candidates I have met 10, in a variety of ways. I personally encouraged four of the candidates to file for public office. I attend church with two of them, one was a student of mine in the De Soto school system, one lives in my neighborhood, and several have lived in the De Soto community all of their lives as I have.

At least three have been residents less than 20 years, which not in itself should be considered a negative. Some have focused their campaign on a single issue facing our community.

None of the above statistics by themselves should be reason enough for one to be elected to public office. 

Since we are nearing the point where emotions may get the best of our judgment, let us again examine some of the qualities that we should be considering when we mark our ballot:

• Will the candidate work well with other council members and city staff? 

• Will the candidate consider the best interest of all our citizens? 

• Will they work to understand, discuss and implement the best decisions possible to improve and maintain the quality of life in our community? 

These positive qualities above are what I feel are best epitomized by the candidates that I will be voting for, one of which is Doug Pickert. In addition to these qualities, Doug is a local business owner, a past public servant and is involved in many civic capacities in our community. 

Remember, your vote dictates the future of our community.

Darrel Zimmerman

De Soto


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