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Knowledge is power for DHS team

February 19, 2009

Superstitions may have gotten the best of the De Soto High School Scholars’ Bowl team at the 4A State Championship tournament.

“We take a lot of symbols with us,” Ashley Sweeny, senior, said. “We have a stuffed giraffe that we carry to every round.”

But the team forgot to put the scrap-paper crown on the giraffe during a round, and the team took a loss.

“I think every time we forgot something we lost the round,” junior Joe Kuhn said.

Still, the team placed fourth at the tournament, even beating eventual champions Wichita-Independent School by 30 points.

The team had the highest finish at the state tournament in nearly a decade.

“Placing fourth out of 61 team is pretty good,” team sponsor Phil Hamilton said. “We were competitive all day. It gives us a chance to build up for next year.”

De Soto had a fairly young team, comprised of mostly freshman and sophomores.

The journey to the state tournament began two weeks ago when the team placed second at the regional level, losing to Louisburg.

The state tournament began with 12 teams divided into two pools of play. The top three teams from each pool move on to the championship pool. After the first round of play De Soto moved on to the championship round with a 3-2 record. The team even defeated regional foe Loiusburg in the fourth round of championship play.

Each round of play was composed of 16 ten-point questions; three math, English, social studies and science, two fine arts, one foreign language and one miscellaneous.

Freshman Robbie Satterwhite said the questions were more difficult than those the team encountered at their 20 regular season tournaments.

Sweeney, the only team member to have competed at the state tournament before said this year’s questions were easier than the previous year.

“The questions were about stuff we learned in school,” Sweeney said.

Preparing for the state tournament was different then other competitions, Hamilton said.

“We took it a little more seriously,” Hamilton said. “We went over the types of questions that have been in the state competition before.”

Each 4A school supplied 16 questions for the state tournament, he said. The state then determines which questions are valid and divides them up for different rounds.

“Fourth place moves us up a couple spots from last years’ team, and places us in position to do even better next year. With only two seniors graduating, it is an exciting time to be a part of De Soto Scholars’ Bowl,” Hamilton said.

Returning team members are looking forward to improving on this year’s record.

“I look forward after taking advanced placement coursed and knowing stuff like trigonometry and American history,” said Ryan Scott, sophomore.

While the tournament marks the end of the Scholar Bowl season, the team looks forward to improving their record next year.


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