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Volunteerism provides leadership from below

February 12, 2009

This week, we celebrate two of our most honored presidents and the leadership they provided in times of crisis.

But leadership doesn’t just flow from above. It is also demonstrated in the quiet example of those who give their time to their neighbors and community

In the light of certain cutbacks in local and state government services, the volunteer efforts of De Soto residents like those of Mel Fischer with the De Soto Meals on Wheels program featured in the Explorer last week become increasingly important.

It is those volunteer hours given to such things as De Soto Fire Department, the YouthFriends program at De Soto schools that stretch tax dollars and provide programs or services beyond the means of our local jurisdictions.

But, of course, they do far more than that.

Volunteers are the grease that makes the community work. There could be not be healthy churches, youth sports leagues, community celebrations, community welfare fund-raisers or many other day-to-day activities without the contribution of countless volunteer hours.

We can never meet the great men honor in February to thank them for their service. But we do see the leaders among every day, and it would be our failing to not thank the most dedicated among them for their contributions to community’s quality of life.


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