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Letter: Morse will be missed

February 5, 2009

I recently read in The DeSoto Explorer that Ted Morse wouldn’t be running for the De Soto City Council position he now holds. Ted, for whatever reasons known only to him, has decided to move on leaving us without a rational voice on the council.

Ted was a realist who saw things as they really were, not a bobble headed euphoric visionary that all but put their agendas ahead of the good of the town. Ted was an asset to the city of DeSoto a person you could count on not to rubber stamp asinine agenda’s that were not in the best interest of the citizenry. I reverently hope that whoever runs for his council seat is half the person he is. I hope your voice of reason will be an inherited trait of whoever replaces you.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ted for all those selfless hours he spent sifting through the BS to arrive at a fair-minded rational conclusion on matters before the council. You always stood your ground much to the displeasure of those around you whose views differed from your own. Success in life isn’t measured on your monetary worth it’s measured by the amount of friends you make in a lifetime; I guess that makes you a pretty well off man in the eyes of the majority of residents in DeSoto.

Bill Trimble

De Soto


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