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Johnson County jails to be featured on TV show

December 9, 2009

For the past three weeks, two film crews contracted by the Discovery Channel have been in Johnson County shooting a new documentary series entitled “Behind Bars”. The show, which focuses on the operation of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office jail facilities, is one of a series that looks at what life is like inside county jails and prisons from both staff and inmate perspectives.

According to Johnson County Sheriff Frank Denning, “This has provided us a great opportunity to show our community how well and how safely our jails operate and to compare what we have here in Johnson County to other parts of the country. We let the production crew have unfettered access to our Deputies and, while being ever aware of the rights and protections we must afford every inmate, we allowed willing inmates to be interviewed, as well.

“What you will see, I think speaks extremely well of our fair and transparent approach to jail management, as well as to the commitment made by the people of Johnson County. You will see the pride that the staff takes in their professional approach to maintaining the safest environment possible, respecting the rights of all, and you will clearly see that this is still jail”.

The production crew will wrap up filming today. Editing and post-production will have the show ready for air in 2010 however no firm schedule has been set for the broadcast


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