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August 27, 2009

The De Soto Methodist Church Council on Ministries Committee is hosting a heritage potluck luncheon next Sunday, Aug. 30 from 11:30 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Everyone is encouraged to bring a dish of their heritage or a favorite dish to share. The past dinners have been well attended and they hope this one will be too.

• The De Soto Methodist church is still needing for volunteers to sign up to teach Sunday School classes for the fall. They now have a younger elementary class and an older elementary class. They would like to have two or three teachers available for each class. If you’d like a different age please contact Lisa and they’ll try to arrange another class.

• A correction in the group of 13 who made Bierocks for De Soto Days festival Sept. 5. They made 100 and not 1,000 as last week’s paper said.

• De Soto Methodist Church will be having a food booth at the De Soto Days Festival on Sept. 5 at Riverfest Park. They need helpers at their booth, they also need cookies, brownies, snacks and etc. They will gladly accept donations for the beverages. A sign-up sheet is on their bulletin board or contact Becky Miller at 913-568-4686 or 913-585-1411.

• The youth at the De Soto Methodist Church will start their meetings again in September and the children’s choir will begin practicing again on Sept. 13 at 11:30. The Reading Circle did postpone their last Tuesday meeting.

• The ladies at De Soto Baptist Church has sewing for others on the first and third Tuesday of each month. They had a lap robe shown at Bible study group last week. They’ve made over 30 of them, they need donations for backing material for them. They’d appreciate giving money to buy cloth. Contact Jean Epperson 585-1207 or Frances Lawhead 585-1098.

• De Soto Baptist Church will have Doers of the Word Bible Study and Prayer group on Monday, Aug. 31 at 7 p.m. The group is lead by Karen Wall and others.

• Those having birthdays this week are Lydia McGrew, Drew Guntert, Lynn Grimshaw, Cassie Gregg, Natalie McCraken, Earl Layman, Karen Blaich, Ross Moriarity, Ryan Allenbrand, Bonnie Montgall, Anita Woywod, Alex Thompson, Jesse Boyd, Jenny Miller, Mary Gale Kramer, Elaine Harden Boyd, a grandson Roger Garcia and my sister-in-law Virginia Williams in Eugene, Ore.

• Those having anniversaries are Tim and Debbie Maniez and Larry and Barbara Buckley.

• Those on the sick list are Gary Martin in the hospital in Houston. Ruth Motzus was in the hospital but is back at Sharon Lane Nursing Home. Carol Christesson has no new cancer growth. Larry Pruett came through eye surgery well. Virgil Dean is still needing prayers and Nadine too.

• The De Soto Multi-Service coordinator Jodi Hitchcock remains on medical leave after surgery earlier this month. Frances Lawhead is volunteering in her absence. Call the center at 583-1152 for an appointment.

• The need at the Multi-Service Center this week is canned meat. Next week’s need is white rice. Snack foods, baby items and paper goods are also welcome.

• On Aug. 20, Jerry, Linda and I flew to Chicago to attend the 50th Anniversary of my son Carlin and wife Nancy on Aug. 22. At their country club. There were over 100 people attending. While in Chicago We went to Carlin and Nancy’s Church Evangelical Free Church of Naperville. After the service they had an old fashioned picnic and a baptism service. There were over 150 people baptized. They had build three baptisms outside. All the people were baptized in blue shirts. Weather was beautiful and many people were there to celebrate.

• Saturday Aug. 22. Carlin and Nancy celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. It was held at “The View” a restaurant in Lisle. Seventy-five people came to help celebrate. Kevin, a grandson, created a power point presentation of the wedding and family. They tables were decorated with flowers, the same kind used at their wedding 50 years ago, with candy in gold foil. At the cake table there was a dish of M&M candy with the date and names printed on them. Besides cake a buffet of fruit, cheeses and a chocolate fountain to dip. The highlight of the day was to have Dorothy and Bunny who had both been at the wedding in 1959.

• Jerry, Linda and I cam home Monday afternoon and then to our house in De Soto and Overland Park around 6 p.m. We had a great time and got to see all three grandchildren and their mates and all eight of Carlin and Nancy’s grandchildren. The weather was wonderful a few sprinkles of rain on Friday after their swim in their swimming pool in the back yard.

• Great-grandson Kevin plays sophomore football at Conant High School. He plays center, tackle and long snapper. Danny plays quarterback, safety and punter at Elk Grove Park District. Brian also plays for Elk Grove in the outside linebacker, guard and kicker positions.

• I have a new great-grandson. Brad and Colleen Chandler had an 8 lbs., 4 oz. baby boy at 10:15 p.m. Monday. His name is Paul Colby Chandler. They live in Gardner.


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