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Review of CARNP route a positive development

April 23, 2009

There has never been any disagreement locally that an improved route connecting De Soto to the southern Johnson County was needed. But there has been debate about the appropriateness of the proposed Johnson County CARNP route for a future arterial road, which would veer from Kill Creek about a quarter-mile west just south of 95th Street to a Homestead Road alignment.

The city preferred the county concentrate on a route through Sunflower and keep the Kill Creek route on Kill Creek.

Adding to the local concerns was the route’s required redesign of Kill Creek Road/95th Street intersection, a site all agree has a bright commercial future.

Three engineers with the county explained to the city council last year the reasons for the route re-alignment, saying two north-south routes would eventually be needed in western Johnson County. At the end of that presentation, a number of council members agreed with their assessment that the re-alignment would prevent future traffic snarls by avoiding existing and future access lanes onto Kill Creek Road and that it could provide added frontage to zoned commercial property in the Kill Creek Road/95th intersection.

But no matter how reasoned the re-alignment might be, the fact remains the city can’t afford to do what the county wants — buy the easement to protect the future roadway for the realigned intersection. And that meant some compromise was needed despite the county having paid for an environmental assessment of the proposed new roadway and purchasing some parcels of land on the new route.

As it turns out, De Soto City Council wasn’t alone in not approving the realignment. Olathe and Gardner had never do so either.

With recognition of that and County Commissioner Calvin Hayden voicing concern about the route, the county has agreed to review the route with the representatives of the cities invited to discussions.

That’s a very positive step, and it is hoped the review can develop a consensus identifies a logical route that leads somewhere, Hayden suggests a Moonlight Road alignment, and satisfies the future need.


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