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April 23, 2009

The De Soto Methodist Church Sunday recognized De Soto Cub Scouts No. 3054 for its services to the community. The Scouts meet at the Methodist Church every first and third Tuesday of each month.

• The De Soto Methodist Church has many items of clothing, caps, buttons and jewelry in its lost and found box. The church asks that congregation members check to see if any of the items are theirs.

The De Soto Methodist Church is asking its confirmed youth, adult members and regular attendees to vote next Sunday on whether the church should have one or two Sunday services.

• The De Soto Methodist Church sends its church bulletin every week. I appreciate it as I use them to compile by column. Also included is a devotion and a puzzle, which I enjoy. This week’s puzzle was a word search for all the books in the Old Testament. I found them all.

• I heard there were some who came to the De Soto Baptist Church’s Easter service only to leave when the saw all the empty pews. I said we needed an extra usher in the vestuble to lead them down front. I do know many regulars who sat in different pews than normal.

• Several visitors were introduced Sunday at the De Soto Baptist Church service. Leslie Hodges and Matt Woywod were the worship leaders. They did the duet “Strength of the Lord,” Mary Etta Copeland accompanied them on the piano.

Invitations were handed out Sunday as the congregation left the De Soto Baptist Church to a mother and daughter brunch at 10:30 a.m. May 9 at Fellowship Hall. They ask those attending to bring a covered dish. Lana McPherson, Debbie Maniez, Linda Lane and Mary Cale Kramer are the hostesses. Reservations would be appreciated.

• The Rev. Richard Copeland read several thank-you notes Sunday to the De Soto Baptist Church and for the congregation’s prayers. Lara McPherson told of several who need prayers. We are remembering the family of Mark Ross on his recent death.

• Among those celebrating birthdays this week are Jerry Sharp, Brian Payne, Todd Carpenter, Sally Beck, Betty Hughey, Gretchyn Reeves, Hannah Rose Frohling of Oklahoma and my granddaughter Joan Nalley of La Cygne.

Those celebrating anniversaries include Don and Nancy McMillen and Dennis and Bernice Casey.

The need this week at the De Soto Multi-Service Center food pantry is for macaroni and cheese. Next week’s need is for white rice. There is always a need for paper products and baby items.

The center’s clothes closet is in need of towels, bedding, plastic hangers and small size clothing from children to 6 to 8 years of age and for adult large sizes. Those leaving clothes are reminded not to leave them at the door when the center is closed. Those who can’t drop them off when the center is open may call Frances Lawhead at 585-1098 to make arrangements to leave the items in her van for delivery.

Lovella Tillery called Monday morning with the sad news her husband died Saturday. The lived in Cowgill, Mo. Services are pending.

Remaining on the sick list this week in Freda Anderson, who has returned home from a stay at Mid-America Rehabilitation. The family of Vicki Hallmark needs prayers as with serious health problems in the family. Bonnie Ritter is also in need of prayers, and a grandson of Dean Wall’s cousin is in Kansas University Medical Center. Pat Weese in at Royal Terrace.

My son Jerry is to take me Friday to the orthopedic’s. I continue to have joint pain and am on pain pills. I did get a new wheelchair Friday. The new one has a wider chair arm, which doesn’t rub me on the arm as the one it replaced, which I had for six years. This one is also lighter, equipped with air cushions to sit on and extended arms for the brakes. I’m donating my old chair to De Soto VFW Post 6654.

The Pleasant Hour Club met last Thursday at the De Soto Methodist Church Fellowship Hall with Sue Allen and Doris Coleman as hostesses. The program was dolls with Delores Weller in charge. She introduced a lady who makes wooden dolls, some of which she displayed. The doll maker travels wide and displays her dolls with the help of her son and daughter in law.

Sue and Doris served ice cream to the club.

My sons Carlin, Edwin and mike called Sunday to update me on their family happenings and ask about my health. Edwin’s granddaughter Lisa sang at their church service Sunday. Carlin’s grandson has a broken ankle.


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