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DHS, city reach math students with program

April 16, 2009

It’s a timeless question and one we probably remember asking ourselves or overhearing a classmate pose in high school, no matter the subject being studied. It was and surely still is heard in math, history, government and English classes. The question: What will I ever use this stuff for?

Sometimes the subjects seemed too arcane or abstract to have any real-world value, and it seemed numerous adults apparently lead productive lives without giving consideration to the subject of a homework assignment.

But of course that wasn’t true, and the vast amount of knowledge fed students in four years of high school provides the foundation for our day-to-day work and play. That this isn’t evident to high school students has as much to do with presentation. What is needed is a way to translate the information in the book to day-to-day experience.

This spring, De Soto High School math teachers are working with the city of De Soto building inspector Steve Chick Sr. in a project that will help them understand the daily real-world applications the math concepts they learn in the classroom. The project will have them go through the city’s permit application process for a museum on a topic the student teams choose.

The program is commendable in that the De Soto High School math teachers have made the effort to break away for traditional teaching methods to bring their students numerous lessons in the practical application of subject matter and in the cooperation it established between the city and high school


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