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Letter: Support museum class

April 2, 2009

All three of my children have attended the De Soto schools, and I have always appreciated the education this school district has provided. I have lived in this district 23 years, and currently reside in De Soto.

In particular, my daughters Mackenzie and Hayley have attended Monticello Trails and were blessed to have been able to choose the Museum Connections Class and get to know and learn from Mr. Keil Hileman, and to also be part of the Washington, D.C., trip in their seventh-grade year. Although our vacations this class has become particularly special to us, because of to our fascination with U.S. History.

My daughters have worn the World War II uniform of Alice Thomas and held a 1600’s slave collar while presenting with Mr. Hileman at the Eisenhower Presidential library. I have personally witnessed the museum artifacts make lifelong connections of our nation’s history for my daughters.

I know Mr. Hileman, and I am very concerned as to the future of this great class. I do not believe that he is choosing to change the museum connections class in any way shape or form. I do not think current district administrators are supporting or encouraging this program.

I will not be voting for Janine Gracy or Larry Meyer because they have not supported the museum class or Mr. Hileman. I am voting for a change by casting my ballot for Randy Johnson, Kevin Straub, and Tammy Thomas.

Pamela Lollar

De Soto


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