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Letter: Pay attention to issues

April 2, 2009

Please research all the positions of the candidates for the USD 232 School Board and investigate the information for yourself.

Don’t get influenced by inaccurate and distracting information spread by a few people and some of the candidates themselves. It appears that distracting and emotionally charged issues are being put to the forefront in order to sway votes and take attention away from all the issues facing our school district. These individuals do not seem to have the best interests of our children’s education at heart. We have to look at the “whole picture” for our children, and not individual issues on their own.

Yet again, this school district seems to be divided. Ask yourself why this is always happening and who are the people always bringing it up? Question the motivations of the people doing this. Look into past performance of those running. Are they working in the best interest of the school children or is it a case of pursuing personal agendas?

Information is available. You can read past school board meeting minutes by going to and clicking on “agendas and minutes”. You can read the local papers, ask questions of the candidates by calling or e-mailing them. Talk with your neighbors and other parents in the district and see what their experiences are. However, in the end, make up your mind for yourself.

Ask yourself what is best for the schoolchildren and the district as a whole?

Our kids deserve the best education we can give them and this will not happen if people continue to pursue their personal agendas instead of working for our children.

Please show your support for your children and our school district by going out and voting on April 7.

Janice Jones



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