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City came through after tornado

September 24, 2008

My thanks go out for the amazing and kind way that the city of De Soto helped my family and my neighbors after a tornado hit our Rik Mar addition neighborhood Friday evening Sept. 12 here in De Soto.

The fire department and volunteers t under Fire Chief Kevin Ritter were there for all of us who had damage to our homes and property. They, along with Johnson County Sheriff's deputies provided security.

They brought us plastic tarps to cover our roofs which helped prevent further damage to the insides of our homes. They were there first thing Saturday morning giving much needed support and advice.

Kevin called in volunteers who helped us cut trees off our houses to give access to our homes. These volunteers hauled tree parts to the road and with the help of De Soto Building Official Steve Chick Sr. those tree parts where ground down and hauled away.

When everything seemed a bit overwhelming this helped bring back a sense of normal to our lives.

I can't thank these people enough: Fire Chief Kevin Ritter, De Soto building inspector Steve Chick Sr., Brandon Stoffer, Jennifer Kanter, Kirk Mackey, Rich Stevens, Mike Frehe, Larry Baxter, Steve Chick Jr. and Capt. Bob McCoy.

These people along with our many wonderful neighbors just showed up and were there to hep us get through the big task of cleaning up after that storm.

What an amazing community of people. Thank you everyone.


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