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De Soto Art Council fills need in community

September 10, 2008

Earlier this summer a cadre of De Soto residents that counts among its members Rose Burgweger, Carrie Dvorak, Raheema Sampson, Darrel Zimmerman and Diana Zwahlen formed the De Soto Art Council. In doing so they hoped to fill a need that exists in the community.

There can be no argument that the arts entertain, enlighten and educate while providing a recreational outlet to those who pursue them. But, as in education, they are often overlooked as a community priority. Certainly, they are not supported to the degree of sports.

Despite this reality, there are a number of notable artists who call De Soto home, some of whom are members of the newly created arts council. Thanks to the Bleu Tomato, City Hall and other scattered venues their work is not unknown to the rest of the city. What has been missing is an organizing structure that could make their work and that of other artists more accessible to the community. It is one of the goals of the arts council to fill that void, and its initial show planned for later this month at the barn at Zimmerman's Kill Creek Farm is a step in that effort.

The art council's goals go further and include bringing educational opportunities, workshops and demonstrations to the community. It would seem there would be opportunities to work with the city parks and recreational department to realize those goals.

Art council members also talk of increasing opportunities in the performing arts. We have long thought there was enough local and regional talent to support a successful community theater in De Soto. The creation of the art council and the opening of Riverfest Park with its stage and amphitheater would seem to offer the opportunity to explore that possibility.

The art council is an overdue addition to the community. We encourage its support from residents and businesses.


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