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September 3, 2008

The De Soto United Methodist Church wishes to thank all the women who came to the church on Aug. 9 and helped make bierocks that sold at the booth during the De Soto Days Festival Aug. 30.

The De Soto United Methodist Church will have its "Gathering of Women" at 9 a.m. Sept. 20 at Fellowship Hall. The church also is asking everyone to get tickets for the quality drawing at the Election Day Dinner.

The De Soto United Methodist Church will serve lunch Sept. 7. Volunteers are needed to cook, buy and help serve the Grand Avenue Luncheon Outreach Program. Call Linda Rumsey if you can help with this.

The De Soto Methodist Youth organization asks you to join them Sept. 7 to celebrate Grandparents Day. A reception for all honorees will be served between the two services.

After much consideration the "Parents Night Out" will be discontinued. Thanks to all those parents who supported this program the last several years.

Rev. Jerry Vaughn and his wif,e Jan, are asking everyone who would like to join them in the "Star Thrower Scoiety" to contact them at 583-1359.

Congratulations to Sara Ritter for being chosen as the Grand Marshal of the De Soto Days Festival Parade. As the De Soto Chamber of Commerce executive director, she serves the community in many ways.

Saturday morning's De Soto Days Parade was great. It featured lots of floats and had entries of all kinds. The vehicles and antiques were also great. The high school band and cheer squad were great playing their music and performing.

The De Soto Baptist Church mini-camp for pre-kindergarten through middle school has been rescheduled from 1 to 5 p.m. Sept. 7. This is the first of the meetings for the year. Additional meetings will take place on the first and third Wednesdays of each month from 6:30 to 8 p.m. The next meeting following the mini-camp will be Sept. 17. Call Mary Jo McDaniels or the Church at 585-1026 for more.

My son Carlin in Illinois called me last Friday and his four grandchildren told me about their schools.

The annual Herring family reunion was Aug. 31 south of Joplin, Mo., at my niece's and her husband's 10-acre place. In all, we had 38 attend the reunion, including three of my children, Jerry, Michael and Debbie.

I had the 21 stitches in my arm looked at last Friday at the hospital in Olathe. Some were hurting yet.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are Louella Davis, Lisa Zimmerman, Willietta Lawhead, Steven Crisco, Marilyn Layman, Steve Buehler and my great-great-granddaughter Isabelle who lives in South Carolina. She is 6 years old now.

Those celebrating anniversaries this week are Stuart and Suzanne Adams.

Darrel and Ruth Zimmerman celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary Aug. 31. We wish them many more.

The De Soto Multi-Service Center needs for this week are tuna and macaroni and cheese. Toilet paper and Kleenex are also needed. Other needs include school supplies, such as notebooks, ink pens and pencils.

There are several on the sick list who need prayers this week. Merle Couch has been transferred back to Sedalia, Mol, for his rehab treatment. Juanita Martinez is out of the hospital and back to Sweet Life Rehab. Libby Stone also is need of prayers and so is former De Sotian Kevin Freeman's son who is going to have brain surgery in October. He is just 13 years old. Claude Cowart still needs prayers after his surgery. My daughter-in-law Jeanne also had hip surgery recently and is in need of prayers as well. Ruth Motzkus is at the nursing home in Shawnee. She calls me every day and lately she has had a bad cough.

The Wednesday Bible Group will begin meeting at 10 a.m. at the De Soto Baptist Church. The Monday night Bible group meets at 6:30 p.m. at Fellowship Hall. Anyone is welcome to join these groups.

The De Soto Baptist Church is giving the church nursery a whole new look with paint and paper. Volunteers are needed to help decorate it. They will be working through Sept. 6 in the afternoons and evenings. If you can help, please call Karen Wall at 583-9912. The room will bring lots of smiles when it is done, not only to the children but to the parents and adults, too.


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