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Vote yes for De Soto USD 232 bond best value in long term

October 29, 2008

Residents of De Soto USD 232 please read about the bond issue that will be on the Nov. 4 ballot and investigate the information for yourself. Stop paying attention to inaccurate and distracting information being put out there by a couple of members of the DeSoto School Board. These individuals do not appear to have the best interests of our children‚s education at heart. Each time a bond comes up for a vote; they always have one reason or another as to why residents should vote “No.”

To the residents of Shawnee: 75 percent of the students in the district live in Shawnee, and we have to do the best we can for them. Do not assume all the other people are going to go vote and, therefore, you do not have to. If the residents on the Shawnee side of the district would get out in large numbers and vote “Yes,” the bond would pass no matter how many of those on the DeSoto side voted “No.”

Some opposed to the bond may have you believe that you can save money by voting against the bond. Since the majority of money that supports the school district comes from Shawnee residents, voting “No” may encourage Shawnee residents to want to split from De Soto, forcing DeSoto residents to pay for their own schools. This would increase the property taxes of all district homeowners significantly. This is not something anybody should want, and is not in the best interests of all the children.

Information on the bond can be found at the district Web site at:>

Our kids deserve the best education we can give them and this will not happen if those in charge continue to pursue their personal agendas instead of working for our children.

Get out on Nov. 4 and vote “Yes” for our children’s future


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