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Pets put smile on bad times

October 29, 2008

Everywhere, we hear the moans and groans of how tough the economic times are. Obviously if you are one who lost a job, had a house or car repossessed, or are living at the base of a mountain of debt, times are tough.

But who are we listening to? If you listen to the mainstream media, nationally, al you have heard is doom and gloom. After a while, and if you are not careful, you come to believe these assessments as fact. But is that what is really happening in the heart of America?

Sure, our retirement funds have taken a hit, thanks to Wall Street trading and its woes. But, we still really have it good here in the Midwest, in my opinion. Our quality of life is the tops. And, one thing that makes that quality of life great is our relationship with our pets.

Right after 9/11, times it looked bad both psychologically and in our pocket book. In response our IRA/401k’s took hits. But at the same time, church attendance was up, and we noticed here at our clinic people turned to their pets for that solace that only they can fill in our hearts. Pets bring us that diversion from the day’s stressors that help take the edge off.

This last weekend, my wife and I went to Emporia to celebrate my 35th high school class reunion. We got out in the car and drove around town a bit for old time’s sake. I was amazed to find many folks out walking the dog in their neighborhoods. We also saw many horse trailers loaded with saddled horses. I also noticed a new fenced-in dog park at an old park we used to go to as kids. We stopped by the zoo in the south side of town to take a gander. Many individuals and families were there, enjoying the animals on display in their manmade habitats. It was relaxing to stroll through this beautiful park-like setting devoted to animals.

Each evening I continued to be amazed and surprised by the ever present and loving greeting I am rewarded with from my two loyal companions, Suzie and Minnie. Since Minnie has recovered from her broken leg, she seems to have a new zest for life. I cannot help but grin when she goes into a joyful orbit her patented 360-degree movement. I assume this is her happy dance, intended to do just that—make us happy. Suzie has always a Frisbee or ball in her mouth, ready to retrieve and play. These two canines are definitely gifts from on high to break up the routine of everyday life. Truly, what would we do without our pets?? The world would be a very dull place

In these possibly perilous economic times, when the future is painted with gloom, never give up your pets. Feed them well. Care for them, as best you can. Get them regular check ups and routine shots, worming, and heartworm prevention. Take care to treat their flea or tick problems with the best products you can purchase. Get out and walk your dogs. Get another house cat for that old sedentary couch-potato feline so the two can terrorize your house. Ride that horse more often, rather than watch the manure pile up. Take stock in your pets!. They can truly be one of the good medicines for the stress of today’s economic and social climate.

A couple of Saturdays ago, my wife and I paid a visit to a local humane society while delivering a deceased pet for cremation. My better half begged me to take a stroll through the adoption wards. My heart sank to see such cute, loving faces, looking for homes. It is my hope these pooches and pusses find wonderful homes and are not put to sleep for the lack there of.

Give your pet(s) the gift of a long and healthy life regardless the storm brewing outside your window. They are so dependent on you. The returns are priceless, as in a big lap of a kiss on the cheek or the warm purring body next to yours. Where can you find such priceless returns in this roller coaster stock market’s. It’s the kind of love that never fails nor ceases to please. Hug your pet today — doctor’s orders.


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