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Vote to form a more perfect school system

October 15, 2008

In a few days, millions of Americans will exercise their right to vote in one of the biggest elections in recent history. It is a simple act that defines our country and separates us from many governments in the world. From national political races to local issues, your vote will and does count.

Our country’s Constitution begins with a powerful statement, “We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union….” Think about that for a moment. We the People is all of us, regardless of our political stance or religious preference or the color of our skin. However, the next statement in order to form a more perfect Union requires us to do something, to take action. In order to have a better tomorrow than today, we have to do our part. On November 4, 2008, your part… my part… is to vote – in order to have a better future.

How appropriate, then, is this concept when applied to our public school system. In order to form a more perfect school district, your voice must be heard in our school bond issue election. All I ask is that you please make an informed decision based upon truth and facts. If you do not understand the issues, then please seek understanding. Our elected leaders on the Board of Education will listen to the voice of its patrons. If you do not vote, then you are passing up on a great opportunity to have a say in the future of the school district. The key, in my mind’s eye, is working together as a community to accomplish the will of the people. Do not let this opportunity pass.

For 15 consecutive years now, we have stated, “Our school district is growing.” Just consider our enrollment for the last three years – up by 1,133 students. Even with the downturn in our economy, more and more families are choosing our school district over all the other school districts in the metro area. This school year our enrollment in K-12 jumped by 389 students. Parents are choosing us because we are making a positive difference in the educational lives of our children.

The Board of Education is asking you to consider a scaled back bond issue that addresses three immediate student space needs; 1) expand Mill Valley High School; 2) expand De Soto High School; 3) build a new elementary in West Shawnee.

Some of our parents relocated into our school district because we offer small high schools. Our Boards of Education, in the past, strategically decided to build small high schools. With these expansions we will still have the smallest high schools among the five largest districts in the county. Expanding is the best, more efficient and least costly option at this time in our history. To learn more about our bond issue, please visit our Web site at

No matter how busy your schedule is, please take the time to let your voice be heard. Vote on Nov. 4, 2008, to form a more perfect school district.


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