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November 25, 2008

The De Soto United Methodist Church has a list in the narthex of names of area families who need adopted for the Christmas season. The congregation would like for all the families’ needs to be taken care of so pick family from the list.

The De Soto United Methodist Church is asking its members to bring pooinsettas to share for the Advent season. The flowers are to be there by Dec. 7. Those donating flowers should put a name on it so it can be taken home after Dec. 28.

The De Soto United Methodist Church Chancel Choir will present its Christmas program at 9:30 a.m. Dec. 21. The church will have Sunday School from 10:30 to 11:30 that morning with the children’s Christmas and party to follow from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

The De Soto Baptist Church had a beautiful dedication service for the new baby grand piano, which was a memorial gift from Kenny and Mary Lou Simmons. Mary Lou’s family members from Springfield, Mo., and California attended, with Mary Lou’s two surviving sisters, Gladys and Anna Lo, recognized with their familes.

Tami Reeves led the dedication. The deacons lit two candelabras that held seven candles each. The quartet of Rick Walker, Pat Reeves, Jeff Hodges and Time Hodges sang some the Simmons’ favorite songs.

After The Rev. Richard Copeland’s morning sermon, the congregation enjoyed a potluck Thanksgiving dinner in Fellowship Hall with beautifully decorated tables.

I received a telephone call Sunday afternoon from my sister-in-law from California, asking about my health and telling me of hers. She has been unable to attend church for sometime because her eyesight is failing her, so the church sends tapes to her. We complimented each other on our families now and in times past.

The Shepherds Center was supposed to come rake my yard during the first two weeks of November, but because of bad weather prevented they workers never made it here. I still need to get my gutters cleaned, too. I would like to get my windows caulked, too, because my gas bill was three times as much as it has been.

GeorgeAnn Tayor and I attended Johnson County F.C.E.’s fall workshop Friday. We took sack lunches. There were about 75 women from F.C.E. units in Johnson and Wyandotte counties there. Each unit is asked to bring a pre-meeting goody to share at breaks with coffee and tea. GeorgeAnn was asked to share her recipe for the snacks she took. With all the women in attendance, it is an outstanding tribute she was the only one asked to share her recipe.

GeorgeAnn had dropped out of the Willow Springs F.C.E. when her husband, Bob, was ill and now rejoined and had this honor. I want the recipe, too, now.

Among those celebrating birthdays this week are Roy Shultz, Ron Willhite, Drew Schmucker, Ron Schmucker, Ashton Riffel, Steve Coker, Troy Calkins, Brenda Kotchwar, Keri Nalley, Jason McAninch and Jason Weese.

Those observing anniversaries are James and Ellen Rains, Thayne and Michelle Riffel and Roger and Mitra Templin.

The needs at the De Soto Multi-Service Center this week are peanut butter and jelly and will be boxed cereals next week. They always have needs for paper products and baby items. Needs at the center are increasing with the bad economy. The The De Soto United Methodist Church exceeded its goal of donated 300 boxes of stuffing for Thanksgiving meals by 35 boxes.

If weather causes church closings this winter, that information will be on WDAF-FOX 4.

My son Michael called from Sunday from Oklahoma and told me they were having Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday because his son and grandson will be going Thursday to Chicago so Matthew could play in an ice hockey tournament.

Those on the sick list are Richard Epperson’s nephew in North Carolina, who needs our prayers in his illness, Kirk Johnson’s family (who thanked the church for its recent fund-raiser and asked for continued prayers). Addie Austin was in the hospital with health problems, and my granddaughter Paige Nalley in Texas lost her voice and missed three days from her job as a music teacher. My great granddaughter Lisa in Texas is doing great after her recent hernia surgery and back in school. Mary Lou Simmons’ sister Anne Lo ask for prayers in her fight with cancer. Merle Couch was able to attend worshp Sunday with his wife, Beth, and stayed for lunch. Leona Robinson had the flu bug.

The De Soto Baptist Church had its soup supper Tuesday and asked for help decorating the church as Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent.

The De Soto Baptist Church Women’s Prayer Group meets from 6:30 to 7:15 p.m. each Monday.

The newly formed De Soto Baptist Church Life Lessons Study Group meets from 7:15 to 8:15 Mondays in Fellowship Hall with Karen Wall and Joe Woywod as leaders.


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