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Big win in hometown puts De Soto’s Hayden over the top

November 19, 2008

Calvin Hayden’s hometown of De Soto proved decisive in his election to the 6th District Johnson County Commission race.

Hayden waited a week before learning he won the Nov. 4 race against two-time incumbent John Toplikar of Olathe by 42 votes.

Final results from the Johnson County Election Office show Hayden got 84 percent of the vote in De Soto to win the city by the overwhelming margin of 1,985 to 379. The challenger also scored big in Lexington Township, winning 612 to 24.

“That’s just amazing,” Hayden said. “I had no clue it would be that high. It helped a lot.

“For me, it’s an honor the people in my hometown have that kind of confidence in me.”

Hayden’s victory in De Soto and Gardner — where Hayden captured 51.25 percent of the vote — helped him overcome Toplikar’s victory in his hometown of Olathe, where the incumbent prevailed 12,990 to 10,492.

In what is probably no surprise to many, De Soto USD 232’s $75 million bond issue passed Nov. 4 because of strong support from Shawnee.

The building program, which will expand Mill Valley and De Soto high schools and build a new elementary school in Shawnee, carried in Shawnee, 6,933 to 4,146. The bond enjoyed wide support in the city, losing in only one of the 12 Shawnee precincts in the De Soto school district.

The 2,787-vote advantage the bond issue earned in Shawnee was more than enough to overcome opposition elsewhere in the district. It carried overall 8,570 to 6,806 or with 55.74 percent of the vote.

The bond was unpopular in De Soto, losing in all precincts and getting only 36.5 percent of vote in losing 907 to 1,577.

The bond also lost in Lenexa, 421 to 490, but carried in Olathe and Olathe Township 85 to 82.

De Soto joined the rest of the county in rejecting Johnson County Question 1, which would have provided for the direct election of judges and magistrates to Johnson County District Court. However, the vote was close in De Soto where the measure lost 1,132 to 1,259.

De Soto voters also supported the research triangle sales tax, 1,836 to 1,205.

Sen. Julia Lynn (R-Olathe) received 59.5 percent of the vote in De Soto, winning the city over Democratic challenger and former superintendent of the Olathe school district Ron Wimmer, 1,436 to 978.

As part of his domination in Johnson County, incumbent 38th District Kansas House incumbent Anthony Brown (R-Eudora) nearly duplicated Lynn’s numbers in De Soto, defeating Democrat Stephanie Kelton, 1,417 to 999.


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