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Lynn, Wimmer campaigned the right way

November 5, 2008

The 2008 election cycle ended Tuesday and with it the regular cycle of attack ads we are subjected to on television, mailers, telephone calls and, now, the Internet.

For those exhausted by negative campaigning, the 9th District Kansas Senate race between incumbent Republican Julia Lynn and Democratic challenger Ron Wimmer offered a refreshing respite.

We didn’t have a big picture of the two campaigns, but every time we heard the two candidates they spoke of their own agendas and qualifications. They did make some distinctions between themselves, and that should be expected. But they didn’t do it in the snide or dismissive way other candidates often make those distinctions.

That could be because it was a race between two confident candidates. Wimmer was in every way a serious candidate. He worked hard and articulated positions on a full range of issues. But with a background that included years as superintendent of the Olathe school district, his legacy and ego weren’t dependent on winning the race.

For her part, Lynn was — and we’re sure remains — eager to talk about her ideas, her accomplishments during her two years in the Senate and her goals for the years ahead.

We’re certainly pleased someone who obviously cares about De Soto and remembers the community while in Topeka was returned to the Senate. But Wimmer was a very attractive alternative who would have done well in the Statehouse.

That they presented themselves on those terms without attacking their opponent is to be applauded. We congratulate both candidates in a well-ran race that made them both winners.


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