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Teacher touched many

May 8, 2008

It was 1976, the year Jimmy Carter was elected president, the cost of a first-class stamp was 13 cents, and we paid 59 cents for a gallon of gas. The nation celebrated its bicentennial and De Soto Junior High School added Marie Herbst as the new home economics teacher. Marie Herbst later married and became our very favorite Mrs. Nave.

Mrs. Nave interviewed at De Soto Junior High School job before to her graduation from McPherson College. Her professor knew her as an exemplary student and an excellent candidate for the De Soto position. Therefore, she loaned the aspiring teacher her own car for the three-hour drive to De Soto. Mrs. Nave clearly made the right impression upon Dr. Shea as she was offered the position and now, 32 years later, Mrs. Nave is retiring from the De Soto school district.

Mrs. Nave is one of the most conscientious teachers, arriving to school hours before the students. To ensure her classes run smoothly, it is typical for her to stop at the store on the way for supplies. Mrs. Nave has always believed in a fun learning environment and the students in her capacity-filled classroom adore her.

To many students, Mrs. Nave was not merely a fun-loving home economics teacher, she showed them patience and gave to them selflessly. To some, home economics, now referred to as family and consumer science, is simply sewing buttons and baking cookies; however, for Mrs. Nave, it is about teaching life skills to students who would soon be living on their own, preparing to make important life decisions.

You will be missed, Mrs. Nave. You have touched more lives than you will ever know and have left your mark on those who have spent time in your corner of the world. Time is on your side, Mrs. Nave, as you sail into retirement with Lacey and Gordon. Enjoy, my friend, you have earned it.

Jackie Keitel



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