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Starside Elementary Earth Day sale raises money to enhance pond

May 1, 2008

Third-graders at Starside Elementary School last week got to practice their math skills while helping the Earth.

The students were in charge of the Starside Earth Day Garage Sale, and the proceeds will go toward maintenance on Starside's pond on the north side of the school.

Children and adults donated toys, books, videos, stuffed animals and games, and during the week third-graders manned the tables collecting payments and making change.

"This is our culminating activity for math because they are counting and making change," third-grade teacher Elyzabeth Navarre said.

Third-grader Jose Cisneros circled the room with a plastic bag filled with various toys.

"I brought $10 to spend," he said Thursday, the sale's last day.

By Thursday afternoon the 40 12-packs of soda were sold out, and third-grade teacher Seth Erickson was announcing specials on remaining items.

"Ten packs of M&Ms for $2," he called.

In the organized chaos of students rifling through tables to find hidden treasures, third-grader Mackenzie Smith counted back change to a student shopper.

"Ms. Navarre's class has always done this every year," she said. "It's a lot of fun."

However, this year's fundraiser is a little different Mackenzie said.

"We are going to save our pond," she said. "People have been throwing garbage and walking around the pond."

A note was sent out to parents in the school's newsletter informing them of the vandalism and asking the community to be respectful of the pond.

Navarre said the sale's proceeds typically went toward the pond, but it only cost about $200 for upkeep including plants, trees and fish. This year, the goal was to raise $1,000.

"Our pond was set up for aesthetics," she said. "The guy who built it said he would come in and help repair it if we raised the money and got parent volunteers to help."

After school Thursday, the Starside Community Service Club packed up grab bags. They selected items from each price range - from 25 cents to $5 - and put them all in one plastic sack.

Students came in Friday morning to purchase grab bags at a discount rate. Navarre said whatever wasn't sold would be donated to the Salvation Army and Goodwill.


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