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Spring Fling spirit should be shared

May 1, 2008

As one of its organizers, Mary Guntert recalled it, Saturday's Spring Fling sprang from something of a Little Rascals' "lets put on a musical" moment. Like those productions, the event proved to be surprisingly successful and well organized despite its impromptu origins.

Part of the reason for that success can be attributed to the organizational head start it enjoyed by grafting onto FCB Bank's successful community appreciation days of the previous two years. But the decision to bring the event downtown and opening it up to all certainly found a responsive chord, as evidenced by the more than 30 people who showed up for planning sessions. It was a response that surprised and even puzzled its creators.

That is in contrast to another community celebration that often begs for volunteers - the De Soto Days Festival Committee.

Although the committee was fortunate enough to attract FCB Bank's Raheema Sampson as chairman this year after Max Atwell stepped down from that position, much of the planning and organization of that event is done by a small cadre of volunteers on the committee.

The kind of participation Spring Fling enjoyed could help grow De Soto Days, which will soon be relocated to De Soto Riverfest Park. We would encourage those who profited or enjoyed Saturday to contact Sampson about volunteer opportunities.


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