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Take advantage of fitness classes

March 20, 2008

There is a wonderful opportunity in our area that very few people are taking advantage of. Sadly, I think it is one of the best-kept secrets of De Soto. I am speaking of the fitness classes that are offered weekdays and weeknights at the De Soto Community Center.

Led by a highly trained professional, Kim Adkins, these classes range from a seniors fitness class to cardio workout to yoga and Pilates. There is something for every adult. The cost is more than reasonable, certainly cheaper than the typical alternatives. The older I get, the more I recognize the necessity of physical activity for good health and quality of life. Walking is a great form of exercise, but it doesn't meet all of our needs.

I need weight training to prevent osteoporosis, core muscle exercises for back pain, various yoga and Pilates exercises for balance and flexibility, as well as cardio classes for heart and vascular health. I would bet that this would also apply to most people who read this letter.

Having a class helps us to be more consistent and holds us accountable for our exercise. Then, there is the additional benefit of all the social interaction that comes with these classes. We look forward to working out with our friends--some old and some new-found.

For some unknown reason, the De Soto Parks and Recreation Department does not advertise this great program, so I am urging you to check out these and your body will be glad if you do!

A new session starts the week of March 24. You can obtain information and a schedule by going to the city Web site:, by going to the Parks and Recreation Office in City Hall, or by calling Justin Huslig at 583-1182, ext. 131. You can even try out a class before making the decision to enroll.

This is a program that every adult should take advantage of - even if it means taking only one class per week. I hope that more De Soto area residents will join us.

Karen Wall

De Soto


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