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Severe weather prepardness urged

March 20, 2008

The Johnson County Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security is encouraging County residents to take time to prepare for severe weather and the disasters they may bring.

Citizens can successfully prepare for emergencies by following these three easy steps:

1. Prepare an emergency supply kit;

2. Make a family emergency plan; and

3. Be informed about the kinds of emergencies that can happen in your area and their appropriate responses.

To help get started, you can find a checklist of the leading items needed in a basic emergency supply kit for the home or business on our website: in the training and public education section. These items include: water, food, radio, flashlight, a first-aid kit, whistle, garbage bags and plastic ties, wrench or pliers, local maps, and personal items.

We also suggest creating a smaller, portable kit for your home or office in case you need to evacuate immediately. Our website includes free information, checklists and guidelines about the two other key components of preparedness - developing a family emergency plan and being informed.

You can also prepare a personal/family emergency plan online at


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