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March 13, 2008

John Grisham has returned to the law office in his home state of Mississippi with his latest legal fiction.

Several people have died and many more are ill as the result of illegal dumping by the Krane chemical plant. The Peyton law firm has gone bankrupt in a five-year trial to bring justice for the victims. The verdict is guilty, with a settlement of $41 million.

The mega company, of course, has no intention of paying and predictably appeals to the state supreme court. However, the case is so sound that Krane's CEO is uncomfortable leaving the decision up to the whim of the court. One of the justice seats is up for re-election just prior to the appeal hearing. Can a candidate friendly to big business be bought?


This book and many others are available in both Spanish and English as well as book and audio form at the De Soto branch of the Johnson County Library. The book is also available on audio tape.

For more information, call the library at 583-3106.


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