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PAT benefits children

March 13, 2008

My daughter is about to have her third birthday and she and our family will soon "graduate" from Parents As Teachers. For those of you who don't know about Parents As Teachers, let me tell you that it is one of the most amazing early childhood programs offered and it is available to all De Soto USD 232 parents of children ages 0-3.

Parents As Teachers is just what the name implies, a program that supports parents in their most important role as their child's teacher. The program serves families by providing a number of opportunities for physical, social and intellectual growth.They offer personalized home visits, family playtimes, parenting workshops and regular developmental screenings.

Research has shown that children who have been involved in Parents as Teachers demonstrate greater school readiness and advanced language, social and problem-solving skills. Parents involved in PAT are more knowledgeable about child development and educational needs and are more active in their children's schooling and overall healthy upbringing. The program benefits the entire family and community.

Parents As Teachers is supported by De Soto USD 232 and the state. I was honored March 5 to attend PAT Day in Topeka where I was able to speak to Sen. Julia Lynn, Sen. Nick Jordan, and Rep. Jill Quigley and encourage them to increase state funding. All were strong supporters of early education efforts and the PAT program. I would also like to thank the De Soto USD 232 board of education members who continue to make room in the budget for the families of their youngest patrons.

You have undoubtedly heard parents bemoan the challenges of having a new baby, wishing that if only they come with instructions. Parents As Teachers is a close as you can get to that instruction book.

For more information on PAT go to or call (913) 667-1800 ex132020.

Lisa Burns

De Soto


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