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City seeks to ID major street project

March 13, 2008

The De Soto City Council took steps last Thursday to identify and fund second year projects on its current capital improvement plan.

Last June, the council approved City Administrator Pat Guilfoyle's proposed reform of the five-year CIP process that, in effect, established a perpetual five-year capital improvement plan list.

The reform has the council selecting projects for a fifth year during its annual budget considerations.

Another element of the perpetual CIP, the city will acquire temporary notes to fund the present year's CIP projects and then roll the those notes into bond issues the next year. The council did that last Thursday by authorizing in temporary notes for 2008 projects and the sale of in bonds for the 2007 projects.

Guilfoyle reminded the council funding the envisioned CIP would be require an increase in the city's mill levy.

The 2008 CIP has $100,000 earmarked for street improvements, which would repave about 1,500 of a selected street's surface while replacing curbing and guttering where needed.

The $100,000 could also be spent on a number of less extensive street repaving projects.

At the meeting, city engineer Mike Brungardt asked the council to start thinking about possible projects. He listed a number of options, recommending 84th Street from Shawnee Street to Jaycee Street to Lexington Avenue.

Brungradt proposed list didn't include Ottawa Street from 82nd Street to the West Bottoms near the future entrance of the new park even through it was show as in "poor" condition on a map he provided the council.

When asked about the omission by Councilwoman Mitra Templin, Brungardt said it was a project worthy of consideration.

That rekindled council debate on the wisdom of the park. Councilman Ted Morse argued that the city should concentrate on streets with existing traffic while Councilman Mike Drennon supported Templin's view that the Ottawa Street project at least should be considered because of the higher volume on traffic that will use the street when the park opens.

"I'm not saying I would vote for it, but I would like to see it on the list," Templin said.

At Morse's suggestion, the city will take traffic counts on streets proposed as options before the council makes a final decision.

Absent from the list was 83rd Street from Kill Creek to the east city limits. The street already overdue for a major resurfacing suffered from this year's hard winter. It is slated from repaving in 2009. The year delay will allow the city to apply for $417,000 from the (Johnson) County Assisted Road System revenue sharing plan to help with the estimated $890,000 project, Brungardt said.

The council voted last Thursday to make application for CARS funding for the project.

The city street department started working on the 83rd Street last week to improve areas of bad drainage and fill potholes, Brungardt said.

"We'll continue to do work to see it through," he said. "I would have like to move it up, but the cash flow wasn't there."

The council agreed to change proposed 2008 improvements to the city water system with the expectation the city would stop producing water. Guilfoyle said the city's negotiations with Johnson County Rural Water District No. 6 to enter into an agreement with Olathe to purchase wholesale water were going well and raising no red flags.

With that in mind, the council agreed to a revised 2008 water department project list that concentrated on the distribution system and not production. The council approved Brungardt's recommendation that the city replace a half-mile length of existing 3.5-inch waterline with a 12-inch line east of Sunflower Road along 87th Street. The $240,000 project would also complete loop through the Intervet Inc. campus.

The projects would replace a troublesome stretch of line, provide a redundant water source to Intervet and the new subdivisions along 87th Street and improve hydraulics to the area, Brungardt said.


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